Hi, my name
is Tassia.

Who am I

I’m a witchy-queer-woman that is always learning new things about the world and herself.

What do I do for a living

The bulk of my work consists of UX Design and Product Design. My most recent experience was working with Remote.com both as a Senior Product Designer and, later, as a Brand Designer. In 2021, I joined Basecamp, where I helped launch HEY World.

Previously, I worked with Booking.com for 6 years in roles such as Lead Designer, Senior Designer, and Information Architect. Most of my time there was dedicated to complex internal applications for the Customer Service department (one of the largest in the world), but I also worked with mobile web projects for their main funnel (think about scale — it is the biggest travel website out there!) and strategic and information architecture projects while embedded in their Design Systems team.

Before that, I was an adjunct professor for the Design and Arts department of UFBA (Federal University of Bahia) in 2014. And prior to that, I worked with several agencies and tech companies in Bahia, Brazil — and did some freelancing.

This means I have 15 years of experience in the field of UX Design, but I also enjoy working with graphic design (logos, album covers, and posters for the Ukrainian band Odyn v Kanoe) and presentation design (I created the Design Sprint Deck for Jake Knapp and his co-author, available as a bonus in the official book site) — to name a few examples.

My philosophy around product design can be summarized as: asking the right questions (what and when), understanding the right motivations (why), and uncovering the right solutions (how). Rinse, repeat, and change as needed.

What I have been up to

Right now, I’m learning new things: I became a Level C Certified Brand Specialist in 2022, I’m learning Type Design and, *gasp*, playing drums. Recently I made an Obsidian theme called Abyssal just for fun.

I love writing, teaching, and mentoring. I do public speaking when needed. And I know how to code enough to be dangerous.

Let’s talk!

I’m taking a break from social media, but I’m open to business. So send me a message at hi@tassia.eu if you wanna work together on Brand Strategy, UX Consultation, or else. Cheers!