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I’ve been doing beginning-to-end Product Design for over 10 years and worked with companies like 37Signals, Booking.com and Remote to create experiences that matter and lead happy, fulfilled teams.

Case Studies

I’m all about helping teams envision their future and making it a reality. Still, much of my work remains under NDA. So I’ve handpicked two contrasting case studies that provide insights into my approach:

Working Together

Whether as part of an in-house team or hopping aboard as a freelancer, here’s what I bring to the table:

  • User needs advocacy with a balanced understanding of business value

  • Eagerness to think big while taking properly-sized steps

  • Clear and thoughtful communication, both synchronously and asynchronously

  • An organized approach to work with high standards

  • A purpose-driven leadership style

  • Mentorship as the cornerstone of my professional legacy

Sounds good? Nice! I’m currently open to new opportunities. Drop me a line at hi@tassia.eu and I’ll respond within 24 hours. Let’s create something extraordinary.

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About Me

My journey began as a web designer at a prominent news agency in Brazil before transitioning into academia as a professor in the design department of the Federal University of Bahia. In 2014 I ventured to The Netherlands to join Booking.com, where I grew into the role of Lead Designer. There, I designed complex internal applications for the Customer Service department—one of the largest in the world. I then delved into information architecture projects while embedded within the Design Systems team.

In 2021 I joined Basecamp (now 37Signals), contributing to the launch of HEY World, followed by Remote, where I worked on their flagship product. I made my way to their marketing team, which inspired me to get a Brand Specialist certification.

This journey has afforded me over a decade of experience in tech across Europe, Latin America, and the US with even more years immersed in the world of design.

Rooted in The Netherlands, I operate as a design interventionist and freelancer, bringing my strategic and tactical expertise to teams of all sizes—from product discovery to front-end development.

Fun Stuff

Here are some projects I’ve poured my heart into, just for the sheer joy of it.

Tassia playing drums (picture by Pedro Marques) WHEN NOT DESIGNING, I PLAY THE DRUMS!
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